Monday, February 14, 2011

I am Human. I am NOT Perfect.

I am human.I am not perfect.

I'm not the best servant of the Almighty God,
I'm not the best daughter,
I'm not the best friend,
I'm not the best leader,
I'm not the best follower,
I'm definitely no angel,
Who never does any wrong.

Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves a chance.
A chance to live.
A chance to return to who we truly are.
A chance to return to fitrah...
We continue to move on because we have that hope...
The hope that He promised us.

Even though we always forget him,
Even though He isn't the one we put first on the list,
that hope is always there whenever we seek it.

He asks us to come to Him…
Come, and ask His forgiveness, for He would never hesitate to give it...
As long as we don't enjoin Him with others.
But sometimes, we forget ourselves.
We forget who we are,
And we forget to ask.
Are we too proud to ask?
Are we too proud?
Are we too arrogant?
Are we too forgetful?

Forgive us ya Allah.....
Give us Your protection from all our wrongdoings and imperfections
Give us strength to be steadfast in this path
Let our flaws be a reminder to us
That we are only Your servants and nothing more
Grant us your bless and love,
For only You are the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Most Forgiving....

p/s: I am human.I am not perfect.

sumber: iluvislam


Rozuan Ismail said...

Everyne is not perfect..Only God is perfect.. Everyone has their own specialities and weakness.. Be yourself and accept everything in your life with full of your heart..

Anonymous said...

takde sorang pon manusia yang sempurna dalam dunia ni... walau tak sempurna, kt msh blh mcoba utk jd yg terbaik!

Firdaus Kasim said...

Manusia yg sempurna hanyalah Nabi Muhammad SAW.. Salam Maulidur Rasul..
Kiwi, jom tukar link atau banner nk x?? Reply taw

Firdaus Kasim said...

kiwi, awk an ada bloglist.. kita tukar link blog kt bloglist nk? sy dah masukkan link blog awk

kiwi said...

thanks for your comment :)

kiwi said...

firdaus: oh, camtu ke. okeh, nt kiwi masukkan dlm bloglist kiwi. jangan lupa check :)

Ibnu Mutalib said...

saya pun manusia...

Firdaus Kasim said...

ok dah check.. thanks yew kiwi.. hehe

kiwi said...

ibnu mutalib: yup, kita semua manusia, tidak ada manusia yang sempurna. Kerna kesempuurnaan itu milik ALLAH.

firdaus:ok :)


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