Sunday, December 19, 2010

Second Tag!

Hi guys. I've been tagged by Shira Sharif. She's not only a blogger [almost type booger,typing error.. Luckily i checked the spelling first ;p], she also a friend of mine! Eh2..correction, my sis actually..hehe.. Thanks ya shira sharif! 0key.. Here's the qestions..

1. Do you think u're HOT??
yeah..i'm hot when i'm angry..panassss hati! Haha

2. Ur current wallpaper?
Which one? The fruits?

3. Tell about the wallpaper..
There's orange, banana n apple.. i put it there cuz i like that pict.

4. The last time u ate pizza?
7 months ago? Haha.. There's no pizza htt around my town la! what a lame town!

5. Last song u listen to
korean song..but i'm not sure about the title..hohoh~

6. Besides completing this taggin' thing, i am...
waiting for my famili back from kl

7. Nicknames..
kiwi (blogger), along (fam), ji'ar (tok wan's & fam), jira (banjarians). My friends would call me naz, zi or they just call my real name [i prefer they just called my name, not nickname]. hah~ now you bloggers can guess my real name. Hehe

8. Tag 5 people
ajim muacz

9. The person no.1 is..
a lovely blogger..she's so sweet you know.. i could tell from her sweet blog :)

10. Say something about the person no.5 ..
i will follow you..hehe joking! Dont know much bout her but i'm pretty sure that she's a nice person.

11. No. 3 in a relationship with..
dunno, if you want to know, then you should ask him yourself.

13. Love words to no. 4
Hi dear..mai lawat kiwi rajin2 no..hehehe

14. 4 facts about the people you tagged..
-New friends of mine
-Got a lot of idea.. that's why they are bloggers ;p

Since there's only 14 questions and none of them ask about the person no. 2, so allow me to add it myself.

15. Do yo know person no. 2? heheh
no i dont but he's in love with someone. yo can confirm this when you drop by at his blog. hehe

So, that's all.. If you ever notice any broken english, spelling or grammer, please let me know ya.

p/s: yang kena tag kalau rajin buat la eh.. tak nak pn tak pe..hehe


NS said...

tanx sbb tag! sbnrnye dah penah buat, btw tq!
cube tgk ni, bezanya soklannye dlm bm. hehe

tiefazatie said...

hye kiwi!tq yaa..sori..bru sempat bw nie..agak bz nie..haha..

btw..ifa cam dh jwb,,but i will try jwb lg nt..hihi..=)


kiwi said...

NS: lorh..ada 2 versi rupanya..hehe

tiefazatie: orite :)


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