Thursday, June 16, 2011

the worst day i've ever had!

would you like to read if i tell you one story? today's suck! because i have a bad day. what a very unlucky day for my sis and myself aswell. why is it happen? really i dunno. what happen? here's my story:

at 12, i was preparing myself for work when suddenly my sis showed up. it's weird cuz i thought she's already at work. today is her second day only. then she told me something unexpected, unbelievable and it creeps me out. someone has gone mad and that person has put a lot of trash on my car! may be he think that its not enough by throwing all those trash on my car, then he scratched my car from car bonnet till the front door. shessss, i'm a lil bit mad but at the same time, i'm scared. which crazy people did this to my car, i wonder. i only have my sis with me. [oh god, please keep us safe. you are the only one i'm hoping for, amin.]

then i asked some uncle whose stared at my car, when did this happen. but he dunno either. he help me by calling some bhai to clean up my car. and that bhai also wash the dirt on the front mirror. after that i've gone to car wash to avoid all those dirt cling on the mirror. just by looking at it make me wanna thrown up cuz its disgusting you know. yark!

back then, when i wanna take a look at my car, there's a few people stared at it too. i feel embarrassed to go near it cuz people might thought that i've done something bad or wrong. yeah its true, there's something wrong but it really wasn't my fault. it's just because she [someone i knew] has parked my car at the wrong spot and that person revenge on me? its really unfair. why are they so cruel?

i don't wanna keep a grudge. please please please! keep it away form me! if you ask me right now, should he get punish? i said, definitely yes!

thanks god, school wasn't really bad. the students give their best cooperation, some of them listen to me very well eventhough some not.

going through this type of school, this kind of place, for a few month teach me that i have to be strong. i wish i could. strong enough to get through the whole year in this challenging town. i've never been living in town. not even when i was little girl. i hate it. i do love shopping but i've never love town. i never asked to be send here but here i am. may be i could learn something, thats why i'm here. yeah, may be. but then, deep in my heart saying i wish i could get transfer soon enough. should i get married? heheheh XP

huh what am i babling about, i dunno either. with my broken english, but still i wanna share it with you. kiwi has gone nuts! whatever!

p/s: sorry guys i couldn't blogwalking to all your blog on weekdays. gotta save some time for my work too. i'll visit you later, ok. see you soon!


sergeant keroro said...

be patient k?

ada orang dengki tu. huhu

HAZWAN17 said...

sabar je la ek kiwi.....

NuSaNa NoSa 91 said...

such a vicious human.. =.=

biawak goreng said...

i feel so sorry for you kiwi...
dont feel too bad okay? you have done noting wrong...
they are the one being unprofessional.
one of my friend experienced the exact same thing as you did, trash all over her car. Luckily no sratches.
Another one of my friend get his windows smashed by a brick.
And worst... one of my friend even get his " tayar dibocorkan " you know 3x??? sheesssh... my english sucks! hahaha (Hope I make you smile... ^_^ )

they don't deserve this like you did... but things happen just because of a parking spot.

I also had one experience with parking spot, one I will never forget.

I went to dine at kg. baru... as usual the parking was terrible there... so after dinner, we wanted to go for magrib prayer and I finally get a descend carpark close to the mosque. As soon as I opened the door.
A guy with angry face shout at me:
Parking sini, makan sini!
So I looked at him and said:
Bang, nak g masjid jap...parking sini kejap boleh?
The guy looked at me, ignoring me as a fellow muslim and said:
Parking sini, makan sini!...(with a stupid face)
Because of this we went home for prayer and its already Isyak by the time we reached home.

I feel very sad because that guy was a malay and a brother in islam to me I presume. Why do they even behave like this? I bet if I had left my car without hearing his warning something really bad must had happen to my car. -_-"

Dear brother and sister:
" Please only do upon others as you pleased other do upon you..."


kiwi said...

@ sergeant keroro: tah la keroro, sabor la ni. huhu

kiwi said...

@ HAZWAN17: yerp, sabor tu kan sebahagian daripada iman

kiwi said...

@ NuSaNa NoSa 91: right.. -_-

kiwi said...

@ biawak goreng: wow, komen paling panjang kiwi pernah dapat. hehe thanks for your concern. kiwi dah ok skrg. cuma kereta je xok lg.

biawak goreng said...

kiwi... terbebel plak... ^_^

kiwi said...

@biawak goreng ahaha its ok. kongsi cerita kan.


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