Sunday, March 1, 2009

what should i do?

boring,,everyday is about assignment,,is there any other thing that lecturer could give us? almost all lecturer are the same,, they comment almost everything about our presentation but do they ever think that their way of giving lecture also just like us,,just some boring lecture,,of course there are some good lecture with their good sense of humor,,for example our research method's lecturer,,hehe,,thanks god he is my observer for proposal and theses,,uhh,,at this tyme, i have already start typing our proposal but i found that it is so so difficult when it comes to making sentences and complete statement,,may be because i haven't done it for a long tyme,, hah,,i hate it,,i hate my self for being lazy,,

haa,,just wanna share this with you,,everyday i never miss listen to super junior's song,,they are so cute and funny,,i like some of their songs: marry u, u, miracle, don't go away, happiness, love song, one love and many more,,haha,,they are korean people,,having 13 members: Donghae, Kibum, Eeteuk, Sungmin, Kangin, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Hankyung, Siwon, Yesung, Shindong, Ryewook and Eunhyuk. Donghae has a warm heart. He love kids and puppy. Kibum is an actor but he is the least talk and very shy. He is very cool and a good-looking guy. Eeteuk is the leader. He is the eldest and has Killer Dimples's nickname. Sungmin is the cutest. He can be a beautiful woman while wearing wigs ang female outfit. He has a unordinary voice. Kangin is the strongest among all the members. He has precious smile and many fans. Heechul love pink. Sometime he acting like a female but he is one of the preety boy among suju members. And he is the secong eldest among them. Kyuhyun is very handsome and he has good voice. Hankyung come from China. So his korean is not very good. He also doesn't talk very much. Siwon is very tall and an athletic, i think. He is very good in everything. I heard that he is the richest. Yesung is a funny guy. He can immitates the other members. He just like twin of Lee Jun Ki. Shindong is the biggest. But he is creative. Ryewook has the best voice. Eunhyuk like jewel of Super Junior. He is a mood-maker. They also have Super Junior T (Shindong, Eunhyuk, Eeteuk, Sungmin, Kangin and Heechul) and K.R.Y. (Kyuhyun, Ryewook and Yesung).

~okey. stop talking about them. sorry if my english not very good. feel free to leave some comment so that i can improve it. Dat's all. Thanks ya!

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